Theatre Threads

An apology and an announcement

Hey guys, 

I am sorry for being so sporadic with post and filling requests, and the long delays. I will be taking a bit of a break from updating for a few weeks because of reasons. Sorry. 

I will be closing the ask box, BUT if you have already submitted a request, I will fill it soon (likely over this weekend). 

While requests are closed, I would be more than happy to post submissions if anyone wants to make their own sets. I am also happy to post sets for characters/shows I have already done, so feel free. PLEASE don’t leave requests in the submissions; I will ignore them. 

I’ll let you guys know when the blog is really up and running again. Thanks for sticking with me. <3 

have you done Sweeney Todd yet? (especially johanna!) thanks! from abs0lut3

I have done some Sweeney Todd, including Johanna. They’re tagged, and you can find them through the search bar on my blog :)

Can you do one for Amalia from She Loves Me? from Anonymous

I can. Sorry it took so long to get back to you.